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Welcome to our webpage!



We are a Hungarian folk orchestra. Members of our group struggle with severe phyisical and mental disabilties. We utilize Hungarian folk instruments, which are adapted for our abilities.


This webpage is NOT about our disabilities.

Our reportoire consists of more than 70 popular Hungarian folk songs. The orchestra enjoys giving concerts and sharing music through dance.


The members of our group:

 "A zenekar tagjai"


p1080765.jpgThe Nádizumzumum is a special kind of kazoo, made by cane, traditionaly used in Hungarian folk music. The kazzoo is a kind of membranophone, from the family of  the singing membranophone. These instruments modify a sound produced by the human voice.



Here are some pictures of our village and the area in which we reside:



Pictures of our institution: The Saint Elisabeth Home  



lucakep.jpgMy name is Luca Tiszai.

I am a special education teacher as well as a music teacher.

 I play the "citera", a Hungarian folk instrument.

I am the manager and general care giver of the members of our orchestra.

I made this website.


See more in English on:


You can find us on Facebook.


You can sign our guestbook here-

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Hozzászólás megtekintése

Hozzászólások megtekintése

(Julie Van Hecke, 2015.12.15 10:01)

I am studying orthopaedics in the third year at the Hogeschool in Ghent.
At the end of September, I went to Hongary for the course of basal stimulation.
My thesis will handle the subject “How music can be conducive to expressing and understanding the emotions of people with a mental disability”.
You have told and showed us that you organize several activities with music. I was wondering, if you have some extra tips regarding this topic.
I want to ask you if you have any articles or books you have written yourself or can you recommend an interesting article or book?
Thank you in advance and I am looking forward to hear from you.
Yours sincerely

Julie Van Hecke

(Janet, 2012.04.16 20:34)

Szia Luca!
Nagyon várunk, aprillus 29 még Ipolytölgyesra!
Talalkozunk ott?

Szia, üdv. Janet (Holland)